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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Went out today without any clue of what was out there, actually I was looking for food, but took my camera as usual and on Clematis Street was a parade for Veteran's Day, which actually is not until Wednesday, but glad I stumbled on it, there were many great photo opportunity's. The first is a female drill Major with her crew behind her, she was great, I moved within 2 feet of her to take this photo so that that the others were slightly out of focus, she was what I wanted but to show with her crew in the background, she did not blink, not one time.

Second was the drum corp, would love to try this again with all the sticks flying as I was walking in step with them. I love drum corp and that beat of the drums being a drummer from the 60's in a rock and roll band, I am sure some of you won't believe that, but I have photos to prove it.

The third photo was I think was a general look a like kind of scenario, the dude had this total sincere look like he was planning the next big invasion of Albania, is that still a country?, I am not sure anymore. But a great photo op none the less. We expect our commanders to have an attitude and mission, he had one, but it was more like where is this ending and where's the bar.

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