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Sunday, October 24, 2010

4 Festivals in One Day!!!

In Tallahassee this weekend, I started out the morning going to the Monarch Butterfly Festival in the St Mark's Wildlife Refuge, a place where millions of Monarch Butterfly's stop on their annual wintering voyage from Canada to central Mexico. Did not catch the best day, but there were plenty of beautiful butterfly's near the St Mark's historic Lighthouse.

Festival #2 was the St Mark's Stone Crab Festival, lot's of great food, hugh tables with wooden sticks and people beating their crab's open with sticks. I had quite a feast for lunch, then headed back to Tallahassee.

Festival #3 for the day was The Greek Food Festival around 5PM, at the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church in Tallahassee. I was kind of disappointed in this, by the time I got there around 5:30 pm, they were out of Gyro and Shawarma meat for any dinners, all they had left was Spanakopita Baklava and Lamb.

Festival #4 was when I got back to my hotel, I could hear music from the parking lot of the hotel, grabbing my camera I stumbled on an Art District that I did not know existed, and it provided some really fun and interesting photos.

You just have to love the little face on this crab, it's almost comical.

Finally the Light House, it was a very quite area and was fun to walk up and down on the beach and trails looking at Monarchs, Crabs and Birds....

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