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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Festival #3 and #4, you have to read the posts below first.

At the art festival, even in the back dumpster areas they were creative, couple of guys in the dumpster was pretty funny.
There was a costume bike rally, which was scary because it did not start until dark and I am not sure what time it ended, but I heard sirens all night from my hotel, it's crazy riding a bike in that area at night, after sitting in a bar, then riding with no street lights or sidewalks...... Weird.....

This was a wall at a bike shop, the entire store was just old used bikes, nothing special, but they had all these funky lights on the wall, it's called art I was told.
This was just piece of art, but the back drop was a wall that was painted in 70's drug culture kind of hippyness....... (I made that word up) and it make it all the more interesting.

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