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Saturday, October 15, 2011

American Flight 191 Memorial

Today we were at the Memorial Ceremony for all of the 273 victims of the American Air Flight 191 crash at O'Hare airport in 1979. Jim Borcher and his two sisters Melody Smith and Kim Jockle lost both their parents on this day. My wife and I are close to all of them, Melody is my daughter's Mother in Law and that is our connection to them and we have all been great friends ever since the wedding. It's a very interesting story that you can follow of a class of 6th grade students worked on this project for 3 years and got help from congress persons, senators and corporations. Kim Jockle is the Principal at this school and both Kim and Melody helped spearhead this for a very long time. Simply Google the American 191 Memorial and there are numerous articles relating to the Memorial Site in DesPlaines.

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