Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I sometime wish I could show what a typical day is for me, I had meetings on two ends of the City today (Chicago) not related to photography, (oh yea, that's right, I have never made a penny on any photography, and don't care!) but I had a very cool lens on my camera, and was in between meetings and took maybe 50 photographs, all from my car, sometimes even while driving. I happen to like these two for the day. Nothing special, but I like them. One I call Midnight Cowboy and the other Shopping. This is the kind of stuff I do in between everything else in my life and I love the every day street photography. The cowboy is out of place this morning about 7 AM on LaSalle Street in Chicago and the blurred (bokeh) background makes this cowboy stand out. The second photo taken later in the day is a woman in front of a beauty supply store on State Street, what fascinated me about the photo is wondering what she is sitting on, she seems to be poised but (no pun intended) I cannot see what she is sitting on except for the reflection in the glass. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up all night looking at photos and wondering if anyone else sees what I see. Don't respond by saying "get a life", I have one and it's interesting, if only to me.

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